BlackBerry ha annunciato oggi di essere diventato un consulente certificato HIMSS Analytics per rispondere alle esigenze delle infrastrutture digitali delle organizzazioni sanitarie di tutto il mondo.

BlackBerry guiderà le organizzazioni sanitarie attraverso le fasi dell’Infrastructure Adoption Model 

In qualità di consulente certificato, BlackBerry guiderà le organizzazioni sanitarie attraverso le fasi dell’Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM), il più recente modello di maturità di HIMSS Analytics. 

Professionisti formati sull’INFRAM, gli esperti di sicurezza informatica di BlackBerry possono valutare l’architettura dell’infrastruttura di un’organizzazione sanitaria e aiutarli a raggiungere il punteggio INFRAM desiderato.

BlackBerry guiderà le organizzazioni sanitarie attraverso le fasi dell'Infrastructure Adoption Model 

WATERLOO, ONTARIO – November 29, 2018 – BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) announced today it has become a HIMSS Analytics Certified Consultant to help address the digital infrastructure needs of healthcare organizations around the world.

As a Certified Consultant, BlackBerry will guide healthcare organizations through the stages of the Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM), HIMSS Analytics’ newest Maturity Model. Professionally trained on the INFRAM, BlackBerry’s cybersecurity experts can assess a healthcare organization’s infrastructure architecture and help them achieve their desired INFRAM score.

Similar to the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), the INFRAM is an eight stage model (0 – 7) that allows healthcare IT leaders to map the technology infrastructure capabilities required to reach their facility’s clinical and operational goals, while meeting industry benchmarks and standards.

“While EMRAM focused on the effective adoption and implementation of EMR technology, hospitals can now look to INFRAM as the model to help solidify their digital infrastructure,” said Blain Newton, Executive Vice President, HIMSS Analytics. “With BlackBerry’s deep cybersecurity expertise and strong footprint in highly regulated industries we’re confident that having BlackBerry at the table will ensure the INFRAM is the gold standard for running a scalable and secure organization.”

“Securing communication between doctors, patients, medical devices, and infrastructure is BlackBerry’s strength,” said Sara Jost, Global Healthcare Industry Lead, BlackBerry. “We’re extremely proud to work with HIMSS Analytics to arm healthcare providers with the critical information they need to provide a higher, more secure, level of care.”

Reinforcing BlackBerry’s momentum in healthcare, today’s news comes a month after the company announced several major healthcare developments, including the introduction of a secure blockchain solution to store and share medical data, an ultra-secure operating system for medical devices, and partnerships with Mackenzie Innovation Institute and Melanoma Institute Australia.

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