BlackBerry si unisce ad altri titolari di brevetti HEVC come Ericsson, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp e Sony. Tramite la piattaforma Velos Media Licensing, i produttori devono solo ottenere una licenza per ottenere l’accesso a tutti i brevetti dei soci Velos Media.

 I brevetti HEVC BlackBerry attraverso la piattaforma Velos Media Licensing

“Siamo lieti che BlackBerry possa aderire alla piattaforma di licenze Velos Media per migliorare ulteriormente l’accesso a importanti innovazioni HEVC e consentire ai consumatori di poter avere esperienze video più ricche”, ha dichiarato Fred Telecky, presidente Velos Media. “L’approccio razionalizzato di Velos Media consente ai produttori di avere un percorso ragionevole ed efficiente per garantire una licenza, e i nostri titolari di brevetti riceveranno un equo riscontro sui loro investimenti in ricerca e sviluppo.”

BlackBerry Joins the Velos Media Licensing Platform

Increasing the number of standard-essential patents covered, the Velos Media platform continues to drive the adoption of the HEVC technology

PLANO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Velos Media announced that BlackBerry has joined the platform and will make its entire portfolio of standard-essential HEVC patents available for license through the Velos Media marketplace. Velos Media continues to offer a simplified, one-license solution to product manufacturers by now bringing together the patent portfolios of six leading global technology companies who have made many of the most significant contributions to the HEVC standard.

“We are happy to have BlackBerry join the Velos Media licensing platform and further enhance access to important HEVC innovations that enable consumers to enjoy richer video experiences,” said Fred Telecky, president Velos Media. “Velos Media’s streamlined approach allows product manufacturers to have a reasonable and efficient path to secure a license, and our patent holders to receive a fair return on their R&D investments.”

A license from Velos Media covers all standard-essential HEVC patents from BlackBerry and all other current Velos Media members, including future patent grants from currently pending applications, as well as all future acquisitions and filings by a member during the term.

 I brevetti HEVC BlackBerry attraverso la piattaforma Velos Media Licensing

About Velos Media

Video will continue to be the preferred medium for sharing the content we care about the most – the people, the stories and a world of possibilities. To make this a reality, companies must have simplified access to HEVC, a video compression technology that delivers vibrant, high-quality video more efficiently. Velos Media’s independent licensing platform offers device manufacturers direct access to the entire standard-essential HEVC patent portfolios of leading HEVC technology innovators in one single license. Velos Media was founded in 2016, and is based in Plano, TX. For more information about Velos Media, please visit