BlackBerry e WITTENSTEIN lavorano insieme per lo sviluppo di applicazioni mission-critical in grado di ricevere la certificazione di sicurezza.

BlackBerry e WITTENSTEIN (WHIS) ​​presentano oggi la più recente piattaforma software embedded, segue comunicato stampa da fonte ufficiale.

BlackBerry and WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS) ​​today introduce the latest embedded software platform that enables secure certification and development of mission-critical applications on heterogeneous System-on-Chip (SoC) processors Announced.

The automation of safety-critical systems, such as automobiles, medical robots, nuclear power plants, etc., where applications operate, has made the development more complex. Therefore, a combination of both MCU-based and MPU-based processors is required. As such, system designers will now integrate application cores and highly specialized cores in safety-critical systems by integrating BlackBerry QNX with the WHIS operating system (OS) and the accompanying development toolkits. You will be able to take full advantage of the loaded heterogeneous multi-core SoC.

This latest solution inherits the safety of WHIS SAFE RTOS ® , QNX ® Neutrino ® Realtime Operating System (RTOS) , and QNX ® Momentics ®Tool Suite , both of which the two companies have cultivated so far, and the risk for certification. Reduce both costs. With this solution, developers can take advantage of safety and secure interprocessor communication with QNX Neutrino, QNX OS for Safety, and SAFE RTOS ® to create a reliable, mixed, and secure system of criticality levels. Can be developed. Both operating systems have acquired the “ISO 26262 ASIL D” certification for automotive applications and the “IEC 61508 SIL 3” certification for industrial automation, and will realize a proven foundation on which future product design will be based. .

According to Andrew Longhurst, Business Development Manager at WHIS: “Any solution needs more than just providing two complementary operating systems and a toolchain. WHIS and BlackBerry are aiming at even higher levels, tightly leveraging their expertise As a result, developers have been able to create an environment where they can build mission-critical applications that can obtain safety certification while optimizing the use of heterogeneous processing elements. ”

John Wall, senior vice president and co-head of BlackBerry Technology Solutions at BlackBerry, said, “BlackBerry will continue to expand its portfolio of embedded software solutions through partnerships with WITTENSTEIN. This will require customers to be safe, reliable and secure in a variety of areas such as cars, railways and traffic lights. Mission-critical embedded systems, a new solution announced today that supports an integrated development environment tool chain, efficient interprocessor communication, and multilevel, policy driven security models Help protect against system malfunctions, malware and cyber attacks. “

 BlackBerry e WITTENSTEIN (WHIS) ​​presentano oggi la più recente piattaforma software embedded 

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