BlackBerry annuncia un’integrazione con SafeBreach per aiutare le organizzazioni a migliorare la propria posizione di sicurezza complessiva con la convalida continua della sicurezza degli endpoint aziendali.

La soluzione congiunta √® ora disponibile per automatizzare l’identificazione dei divari di sicurezza e dare la priorit√† alle modifiche alla configurazione della sicurezza in base al potenziale impatto aziendale.

A BlackBerry Cylance si aggiunge SafeBreach


January 21, 2020

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA and WATERLOO, ONTARIO¬†‚Äď January 21, 2020 ‚ÄstBlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) announced today an integration with SafeBreach to help organizations improve their overall security posture with continuous enterprise endpoint security validation. The joint solution is now available to automate the identification of security gaps and prioritize security configuration changes based on potential business impact.

BlackBerry Cylance and SafeBreach offer advanced cybersecurity solutions that customers can test in their own environment. Customers of both companies can now increase their ROI from BlackBerry Cylance by exposing misconfigurations and receiving actionable guidance on how to decrease risk. Quantification of business risk is based on easy to understand Key Risk Indicators (KRIs): Attack Surface, MITRE Framework, Critical Segments, Known Attacks and Exposure Time.

A BlackBerry Cylance si aggiunge SafeBreach‚ÄúSafeBreach is on a mission to help educate customers about how hackers operate and how they can use this knowledge to better protect themselves,‚ÄĚ said Itzik Kotler, Chief Technology Officer at SafeBreach. ‚ÄúTogether with BlackBerry Cylance, we can help our customers increase their resilience from attacks and minimize business risk.‚ÄĚ

BlackBerry Cylance connects with SafeBreach to parse alerts, coordinate against simulations, and retrieve the results to show SafeBreach operators both the offensive and defensive spectrum. Thousands of controlled, safe forms of real cyber attacks are available as part of the SafeBreach Hacker’s playbook. With 10,000+ breach and attack methods this playbook is the largest in the industry based on actual attacks, active investigations and cutting-edge research.

‚ÄúMany companies claim their security products use artificial intelligence (AI) but offer few details on how it benefits their customers,‚ÄĚ said Daniel Doimo, President at BlackBerry Cylance. ‚ÄúThis joint solution helps our customers understand the before and after of deploying BlackBerry Cylance‚Äôs AI-powered security solutions by simulating attacks, which generate data-driven results.‚ÄĚ

IT and security teams save valuable time with automated correlation of BlackBerry Cylance detection events to SafeBreach simulations. Joint customers are expected to reach an optimal configuration of their BlackBerry Cylance deployment with SafeBreach exposing misconfigurations, which may cause attacks to be missed. Exposing and addressing misconfigurations from an attacker perspective, means priorities are determined based on the actual threat and hence lead efficient and impactful risk mitigation.

‚ÄúThe integration between Cylance and SafeBreach helps us automatically and quickly identify attacks which are detected and should be blocked by BlackBerry Cylance,‚ÄĚ said Yaron Levi, Chief Information Security Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City. ‚ÄúThe road to improving our security configuration and reducing risk has just become much shorter,‚ÄĚ Levi concluded.

Please read the BlackBerry Cylance and SafeBreach joint solution brief for more information on the integration.